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[sticky post] Fursuit Terms of Service

I'll make a proper post later... But I'm making this so I have it written down somewhere. Feel free to add any advice!

  • I only work on one or two commissions at a time, as I've found it's what works best for me. I may work on a personal costume at the same time, but the commission will always take precedence.

  • I do not do hard deadlines, I may work with a loose one.  Please let me know of a timeframe when ordering, not a few weeks beforehand.  I find these costumes to be more like artwork, and they turn out better when I'm not rushed.

  • I do not do rush orders.  If something is close to a deadline and needs to be express shipped, the buyer will have to pay the extra amount in advance.

  • For commissions over $100 I require 1/3 up front, 1/3 once the head is done, and the last 1/3 once the costume is completed.  The first 1/3 is non-refundable once materials are bought.

  • I only do business with adults, 18 and older.  If you are under 18, your parent may contact me and we can possibly work something out.

  • I normally ship with USPS or UPS, and I'm willing to ship overseas.  I do require that you pay for shipping, and I will always include tracking and insurance if possible.

  • Each costume comes with a 60 day warranty against defects due to my mistake(Things like popped seams, loose claws/pawpads/teeth).  If the damage is deemed user made, I am willing to fix it for a fee.  If a costume is sent back to me dirty I will add on a cleaning charge.  I do not mind repairing my own work at a cost!

  • Things that will void the warranty:  Alterations to the costume not done by me or approved by me, improper use, storage, or cleaning of the costume.

  • I work in a 100% smoke free area.  I do own pets, and although they are not allowed in my workroom whatsoever, there may be fur that follows me out.

  • After completion of your commission, you need to pay in full as soon as possible.  I will keep your suit in storage for up to 6 months, but will charge of fee of $10 a month for storage.  After 6 months I will refund what you have paid, minus the first 1/3 down payment and storage fees and have all rights to resell the costume piece.

Last revised 7/3/2014


Following is the price list for my fursuits.  Prices listed are base prices, add ons will made the final price go up.

Tails: $45+
Heads:  $550+
Partials:  $825+
Fullsuits:  $1250+
Feet:  $200+
Gloves:  $100+
Plush are depend on size and complexity.

Open for ONE commission!!

I'm opening for ONE rare fursuit commission!!
Examples of my current work:
I am open for partials(head, hands, tail, feet, or a mix), heads, and tails.  I don't do bodysuits yet, sorry!  I'm not 100% on my ability for those yet.
My prices on AVERAGE are $350 for a head, $500 for a partial.  They can go up or down, so please email me for a proper quote at JoyBunnyFuz (AT) gmail.com
I'll need some kind of reference, but I'm totally open to an artistic liberty suit as well!  I love helping form out an idea :)  All of my seams are sewn by hand.  I don't do moving jaws, realistic eyes, or hyper-realism.
I'll only be picking ONE commission.  You need to have 1/3 of the payment available.  I require 1/3 up front, 1/3 once the head is done, 1/3 when the rest is done.  This does not apply to orders over $100.
Any other questions?  Ask away!


Eeeee I now have time to play properly <3  My friend code is 2595-0447-3584


Anybody want a card?  Message me your address and I'll TRY to send one, as long as I don't run out.


Forgot to update... Vivian got her first tooth the other day!  She's crusing, but not steps all on her own.  She did stand up on her own too :)

10 1/2 months...  Wow.

Baby update

Just thought I would make a Vivian update :P  Also, I'm loving this icon <3  There was a girl in a MLP community taking requests, and I requested Fluttershy covered in bunnies...  She actually did it, and it is just TOO cute!  I had to use it an icon :)

Vivian is growing so fast...  She's so smart it shocks me...  All the work I've been doing to teach her stuff when she was little-little has paid off.  She's almost 10 months old, and is starting to cruise(walks along furniture and such), and feeds herself with a spoon, if it is preloaded for her.  She actually put peas on the spoon last night and fed herself :)  She won't touch purred baby food anymore, she's all about the real stuff.  She's such a sweetie most of the time, and has such a personality.  Actually she had her first temper tantrum the other day over something...  Threw herself to the floor and just screamed.  But Momma didn't come running, so it didn't last long.  

She is talking a bunch too...  Lets see...  She knows Mama, Mom, Da, Daie(daddy), go, kitty, bunny, duck, nom, bath...  I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  She surpried me yesterday at story time, she pointed to an itty bitty duck on a book, and said duckie.  I had no idea she could do that yet.  We have also masted pattie cakes :)   Oh, and it is starting to get to where if she hears music, she'll 'dance'.  Oh, and she's trying to climb on everthing she can, if she can get her leg up on it lol!!

But she's now in my lap, it's about naptime :)  



Man... I'm aching for the mountains.  I can't wait for this fall, we are going to go to the resort with my family I used to go to growing up, Mountain Lakes, in Helen, Georgia.  I can't wait, it's probably been a good 6-7 years since I've been, I miss it.  I miss the mountains, the peace.  We've been going there since I was really little... like 5 or 6?  I'm looking forward to horseback riding, swimming, and hiking.  I also want to check out the silly little 'German' tourist town of Helen now that I'm an adult, and have my own money lol.  I'm hoping there's some good food to check out.  

Anybody in the Georgia area want to meet up for dinner or something? lol!!

EDIT:  Looks like we'll be there around October 8th...  Oktoberfest anybody?!  lol!!

Army Crawl

Well, Vivian is officially 'crawling':)  Just shy of 8 months!  It's just an army crawl, and she has to REALLY want something...  Not much longer till she's going to be EVERYWHERE lol!!

So you're a cat now?

Viv has started to scoot forward a bit, but hasn't mastered crawling yet.  She gets up on her hands and knees, but hasn't figured out that forward motion...  As of today, she has started to stand on all fours...  Like her kitties.

I think she spends too much time watching the cats, but I'm ok with that...  My silly little girl <3

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